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Malaga trip May 22-June 3, 2017

by Karlyn Holman

Karlyn Holman

Diary of Malaga trip May 22-June 3, 2017

Monday, May 22. Depart USA

Tuesday, May 23. Arrive in Malaga and travel by bus to LaFinca. On arrival everyone toured the facility and settled into their rooms. Our dinner started with leek and mushroom soup, followed by mixed vegetables with chicken, freshly picked potatoes and peas. Dessert was fresh strawberries and cream.

Wednesday, May 24. Bonnie and I introduced the weeks lessons. Bonnie then demoed perspective in the front courtyard. Karlyn demoed her foliage lesson. For lunch, we had tuna Russian, salad and sausages sautéed in peppers and onions. Our lunch beverage was tinto del Verano, lemonade mixed with summer wine. Sally showed us how to “hedgehog” a mango. We enjoyed fruit for dessert. After lunch, Karlyn demoed how to mix the grays used in shadows. At 6:30, Denis gave us a “walk about” to see the grounds. Dinner started with a zucchini and mint soup. The beef was cooked with a sea salt crust which resulted in very moist beef. They also served new potatoes and green beans. For dessert we enjoyed flan.

Thursday, May 25. After walking and coffee, we went to Benagalbon to paint. For lunch we had a starter and a main course in a local restaurant in Benagalbon. Bonnie demoed stairs at 6:00 pm followed by critique. Dinner started with salad and the a pork slice drizzled in a sauce topped with capers. The main course was a delicious pesto pasta. Dessert was a plum and apple and cherry crumble. After dinner Lucho and Eddie from Equador played guitar and pan flutes for a delightful evening concert. Many artists were dancing to the lively music.

Friday, May 26. We went to Alcaucin, a lovely white village with panoramic vistas. After drawing and painting, we enjoyed a delicious rustic lunch of salad, bread, roasted pork on a spit, tender pork chunks on a grill and roasted potatoes. When we returned to the Finca, we had personal time to catch up or rest. We met for our critique at 6:00 pm. Karlyn demoed a drawing demo, focus of light and painted a sky. Our dinner was all Moroccan delights. We started with four salads: oranges; tomatoes, onions, roasted and peeled peppers; boiled beets and tabouleh. The main course was a lamb tagine with dates, raisins, pumpkin, onions, garlic and rad a hanoit spice.

 Saturday, May 27. We drove to Nerja and everybody had lunch on their own and shopped. We had tapis on the beach at a local restaurant featuring fresh grilled sardines grilled over an olive wood fire. We had course after course of fried vegetables; French fried potatoes and fresh fried white fish.

Sunday, May 28. We stayed home and Bonnie demoed putting people in your paintings. We ate lunch at the chicken shack. Our lunch started with bread and Cobb salad. After that, spicy Chorizo, blood sausage and French fries appeared. The grand entrance of beautiful rotisserie chicken also appeared on the table. This was washed down with tinto del Verano and water. Our final course was roasted long peppers. At 6:00 pm, we had a great critique with lots of paintings. Karlyn painted a sheep using the elegant writer pen. Dinner was leek soup flavored with chorizo. The main course was shrimp in a tomato sauce, rice and peas. Dessert was yogurt with “Hay Mango” on top.

Monday, May 29. After breakfast, we went to Frigiliana to shop and paint. This delightful white village had so many possible painting sites. Many of us visited Kraus Hinkle and admired his paintings. We ate lunch at a delightful restaurant with a panoramic view. Our first course was a salad, followed by potatoes and a delicious meat in a gravy. When we returned we had a lively critique. Dinner started with a puréed roasted red pepper soup, followed by lamb , potatoes and carrots. Dessert was tiramisu. The guests got more colorful as the week went on, for example, Mike took a swim and his beard turned green from the chlorine.

Tuesday, May 30. We left at 8:30 am for Granada. We arrived at the car park and walked to the Alhambra. Our group time was 12:30 pm and this allowed us to leisurely tour this incredible UNESCO protected site. After our tour, we had a little time to settle into our hotel room. The Hotel Casa 1800 was well located and absolutely perfect for our group. We then met for a quick drink, ate some tapis and salad and then walked on to an authentic flamenco performance in a cavelike bar. Most of us then went on to enjoy an evening of night life in Granada.

Wednesday, May 31. We had a day free to eat breakfast at the hotel, shop and photograph Granada. Most of us took the on/off trolleybus and got to enjoy the various religious areas of this truly International city. We returned home by 5:30 pm and relaxed before enjoying pizza and salad at a beachfront restaurant.

Thursday, June 1. We went to Torre Del Mar to the market and the beach. We got caught up on gifts and people watching. We returned for a delicious Finca lunch of
pine nuts, spinach and raisins in a pastry crust, accompanied by cabbage salad. Another course was a lettuce wrap with spicy Thai tacos. The meat was pork and beef with mushrooms, onions and Thai spices. Kris shared her chocolate stash for dessert and fruit was also offered. We worked on finishing our paintings in the afternoon. At 6:00 pm, we had a critique followed by a drawing lesson on portraiture by Karlyn. Dinner started with a broccoli and blue cheese soup. The main course was a chicken Marengo with mushrooms, potatoes and bok Choy. The dessert was poached pears in red wine and served with vanilla ice cream.

Friday, June 2. Our last day we stayed at the Finca and painted all day. Bonnie had a group paint a scene near the Finca and Karlyn taught portraiture. Lunch started with fresh anchovies marinated in oil, vinegar and salt and pepper. We also had lettuce marinated with molasses. Shrimp Pil Pil marinated in spices was a real hit. The final star of the show was the seafood paella. There were large prawns, chicken, mussels, calamari, pork, peas, garlic and onions cooked in a big paella pot. The rice was added and Denis said the secret to good paella is to let it rest for half an hour and let the rice absorb the flavors. All these flavors and sangria too. Everyone painted in their favorite spots for the last time. We met at 6:00 pm for a group photo, followed by our last critique. We had the “paparazzi fun”, photographing each person with their favorite painting. Our first course was a roasted red pepper stuffed with a tomato and an olive tapanade. Dinner was grilled chicken with peanut sauce, accompanied by roasted potatoes and zucchini. Strawberries for dessert.

Saturday, June 3. We all left for our flight home, loaded with many fun memories of Southern Spain.

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